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Students with Masks

It's not over yet...

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Powerful. Simple. Effective.


Just when we all thought we were out of the woods, here comes a curveball. Introducing Defender 5, the first end-to-end defense system that kills germs, bacteria, and other harmful odorants in any size space or area. If you manage or oversee any of the following, let one of our clean experts give you a FREE Consultation to walk you through how Defender 5 can deliver immediate peace of mind. For you and your patrons or students!

School Districts

Maintenance Managers, Facilities Managers, Transportation Managers, Bus Managers, Athletic Directors, Purchasing Managers, Coaches, Health and Safety Directors



Facilities Managers, County Commissioners, Transportation Managers, Health and Safety Directors


Commercial Properties

Property Managers, Maintenance Managers, Property Owners


Entertainment Venues

Facilities Managers, Event Coordinators, Managers, Sanitation Managers, Owners


Retail Property Companies

Property Managers, Maintenance Managers, Owners


Mass Transit

Equipment Managers, Directors of Health and Safety, Maintenance Managers, Sanitation Managers

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We deliver total protection from every angle.

We know that today, more than ever, letting people know your environment is clean and safe has become standard practice. That's why we created the end-to-end Defender 5 system of green products that work to protect day in and day out.

Cleaning Supplies



Clean effectively with our

hyper-green cleaners to set the

stage for further protection




Once clean, a compatible

hospital grade disinfectant

is applied to insure surfaces

are pathogen free

Back to School with Mask



Now that you're clean and treated, it's time to protect. We have powerful ingredients that stand the test of time without losing their potency.

Air Conditioner



Heal and clean the air

with purification tech that

compliments our additional

hyper-green tech

Computer with Graph



Monitor in real-time entire areas

protected by Defender 5 with

extremely sensitive tech that alerts

you to any potential threat instantly

Peace of Mind that works.


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